radial cells of MÑŒller

radial cells of MÑŒller
MÑŒller fibers.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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  • MÑŒller fibers (cells radial cells) muscle — MÑŒl·ler fibers (cells, radial cells), muscle (meґler) [Heinrich MÑŒller, German anatomist, 1820–1864] see under fiber and muscle …   Medical dictionary

  • MÑŒller fibers — 1. fibrae circulares musculi ciliaris. 2. elongated neuroglial cells traversing all the layers of the retina and forming its most important supporting element; called also sustentacular f s, cells of MÑŒller, radial cells of MÑŒller, and retinal… …   Medical dictionary

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