Existence in an oxygen-free atmosphere. [G. an- priv. + aer, air, + biosis, way of living]

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an·aero·bi·o·sis .an-ə-rō-(.)bī-'ō-səs, -bē-; .an-.a(-ə)r-ō-, -.e(-ə)r- n, pl -o·ses -.sēz life in the absence of air or free oxygen
Each boldface word in the following list is a chiefly British variant of the word to its right in small capitals.
anaesthesia - ANESTHESIA
anaesthesiologist - ANESTHESIOLOGIST
anaesthesiology - ANESTHESIOLOGY
anaesthetic - ANESTHETIC
anaesthetically - ANESTHETICALLY
anaesthetisation - ANESTHETIZATION
anaesthetise - ANESTHETIZE
anaesthetist - ANESTHETIST
anaesthetization - ANESTHETIZATION
anaesthetize - ANESTHETIZE

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an·aer·o·bi·o·sis (an″ə-ro″bi-oґsis) [an-1 + aero- + biosis] metabolic processes occurring in the absence of molecular oxygen.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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