Term applied to the excysted young amebas of Entamoeba species that emerge from the cyst in the human or vertebrate gut and their immediate progeny, usually totalling eight, prior to their localization in the large intestine. [fr. G. amoibe, a change, alteration]

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ame·bu·la or chiefly Brit amoe·bu·la ə-'mē-byə-lə n, pl -las or -lae -(.)lē
1) a small ameba
2) any of various small cells or organisms (as in some stages of myxomycetes or gregarines) resembling an ameba in form

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ame·bu·la (ə-meґbu-lə) [dim. of ameba] 1. the small ameboid daughter cell occurring following reproduction in certain rhizopod amebae. 2. the motile ameboid stage of a spore prior to aggregation in certain protozoa or on germination of the spore in others. Also written amoebula.

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