Any agent that causes the destruction of amebas. SYN: amebacide. [ameba + L. caedo, to kill]

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ame·bi·cide also ame·ba·cide or chiefly Brit amoe·bi·cide also amoe·ba·cide ə-'mē-bə-.sīd n a substance used to kill or capable of killing amebas and esp. parasitic amebas
ame·bi·cid·al also ame·ba·cid·al or chiefly Brit amoe·bi·cid·al also amoe·ba·cid·al ə-.mē-bə-'sīd-əl adj

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ame·bi·cide (ə-meґbĭ-sīd) [amebi- + -cide] an agent that kills amebae; cf. antiamebic. amebicidal adj

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