Denoting the acyclic carbon compounds, most of which belong to the fatty acid series. [G. aleiphar (aleiphat-), fat, oil]
- a. acids the acids of nonaromatic hydrocarbons ( e.g., acetic, propionic, butyric acid s); the so-called fatty acid s of the formula R—COOH, where R is a nonaromatic (a.) hydrocarbon.

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al·i·phat·ic .al-ə-'fat-ik adj of, relating to, or being an organic compound (as an alkane or alkene) having an open-chain structure compare ALICYCLIC, AROMATIC (2)

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al·i·phat·ic (al″ĭ-fatґik) [Gr. aleiphar, aleiphatos oil] pertaining to any member of one of the two major groups of organic compounds; those having a straight or branched chain structure. Cf. cyclic.

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