hybrid antibody

hybrid antibody
bispecific a.

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  • antibody — (n.) substance developed in blood as an antitoxin, 1901, a hybrid formed from ANTI (Cf. anti ) against + BODY (Cf. body). Probably a translation of Ger. Antikörper, condensed from a phrase such as anti toxisches Körper anti toxic body …   Etymology dictionary

  • hybrid Ab — Artificially produced antibody made by fusing hybridomas producing two different antibodies; the hybrid cells produce three different antibodies, only one of which is a heterophile antibody. Can also be prepared chemically from two antibodies …   Dictionary of molecular biology

  • antibody — An immunoglobulin molecule produced by B lymphoid cells with a specific amino acid sequence evoked in humans or other animals by an antigen (immunogen). These molecules are characterized by reacting specifically with the antigen in some… …   Medical dictionary

  • bispecific antibody — antibody in which each of two antigen binding sites is specific for separate antigenic determinants. It is an artificial antibody produced in the laboratory, formed by reassociating half molecules of two different antibody specificities to form a …   Medical dictionary

  • monoclonal antibody — Biotech. antibody produced by a laboratory grown cell clone, either of a hybridoma or a virus transformed lymphocyte, that is more abundant and uniform than natural antibody and is able to bind specifically to a single site on almost any chosen… …   Universalium

  • Monoclonal antibody — An antibody produced by a single clone of cells (specifically, a single clone of hybridoma cells) and therefore a single pure homogeneous type of antibody. Monoclonal antibodies can be made in large amounts in the laboratory and are a cornerstone …   Medical dictionary

  • monoclonal antibody — an antibody produced artificially from a cell clone and therefore consisting of a single type of immunoglobulin. Monoclonal antibodies are produced by fusing antibody forming lymphocytes from mouse spleen with mouse myeloma cells. The resulting… …   The new mediacal dictionary

  • Monoclonal antibodies — A general representation of the methods used to produce monoclonal antibodies. Monoclonal antibodies (mAb or moAb) are monospecific antibodies that are the same because they are made by identical immune cells that are all clones of a unique… …   Wikipedia

  • Bispezifischer Antikörper — Ein bispezifischer Antikörper (Abkürzung: BsMAb von engl. bispecific monoclonal antibody), auch als Hybrid Antikörper bezeichnet, ist ein Immunkonjugat, das aus Bestandteilen von zwei unterschiedlichen monoklonalen Antikörpern aufgebaut sind.… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Nomenclature of monoclonal antibodies — List of stems for monoclonal antibody nomenclature[1][2][3] …   Wikipedia

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