A form of aphasia characterized by an inability to construct a grammatical sentence, and the use of unintelligible or incorrect words; caused by a lesion in the dominant temporal lobe. SYN: agrammatica, agrammatologia, jargon aphasia.

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agram·ma·tism (')ā-'gram-ə-.tiz-əm n the pathological inability to use words in grammatical sequence

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agram·ma·tism (a-gramґə-tiz-əm) [Gr. agrammatos unlettered] inability to speak grammatically because of brain injury or disease, usually with simplified sentence structure (telegraphic speech) and errors in tense, number, and gender. See also jargon aphasia and syntactical aphasia. Called also agrammatologia and dysgrammatism.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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