Loss or absence of the sense of taste. It may be: 1) general to all tastants (total), partial to some tastants, or specific to one or more tastants; 2) due to transport disorders (in access to the interior of the taste bud) or sensorineural disorders (affecting the gustatory sensory cells or nerves or the central gustatory neural pathways); or 3) hereditary or acquired. SYN: ageustia, gustatory anesthesia. [G. a- priv. + geusis, taste]

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ageu·sia ə-'gyü-zē-ə, (')ā-, -'jü-, -sē- n the absence or impairment of the sense of taste
ageu·sic -zik, -sik adj

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ageu·sia (ə-gooґzhə) [a-1 + Gr. geusis taste] absence of the sense of taste; called also ageustia and gustatory anesthesia. ageusic adj

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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