squamous carcinoma

squamous carcinoma
squamous carcinoma n SQUAMOUS CELL CARCINOMA

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squamous cell carcinoma 1. carcinoma developed from squamous epithelium, having cuboid cells and characterized by keratinization and often by preservation of intercellular bridges. In the skin, it may originate in sun-damaged areas or other pre-existing lesions. Initially local and superficial, the lesion may later invade and metastasize. Called also prickle cell or spinocellular c. 2. one of the most common types of bronchogenic carcinoma, generally forming polypoid or sessile masses that obstruct the airways of the bronchi. It usually occurs in middle-aged individuals with a history of smoking. There is frequent invasion of blood and lymphatic vessels with metastasis to regional lymph nodes and other sites. Called also epidermoid c.

Squamous cell carcinoma of the anterior floor of the mouth.

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