A tube in the body that carries fluids: blood vessels or lymph vessels.
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A structure conveying or containing a fluid, especially a liquid. SEE ALSO: vas. [O. Fr. fr. L. vascellum, dim. of vas]
- absorbent vessels SYN: lymph vessels.
- afferent v. 1. any artery conveying blood to a part; 2. SYN: afferent glomerular arteriole. 3. SYN: afferent lymphatic.
- anastomosing v. SYN: anastomotic v..
- anastomotic v. [TA] a v. that establishes a connection between arteries, between veins, or between lymph vessels. SYN: vas anastomoticum [TA], anastomosing v..
- blood v. blood v..
- capillary v. SYN: capillary (2). See blood capillary, lymph capillary.
- chyle v. SYN: lacteal (2).
- collateral v. 1. a branch of an artery running parallel with the parent trunk; 2. a v. that runs in parallel with another v., nerve, or other long structure. SYN: vas collaterale.
- corkscrew vessels SYN: hairpin vessels.
- deep lymph v. [TA] one of the vessels that drain lymph from the deep structures of the body; they tend to follow the courses of blood vessels to reach regional lymph node s. SYN: vas lymphaticum profundum [TA].
- efferent v. SYN: efferent glomerular arteriole.
- hairpin vessels atypical blood vessels that double back on themselves, seen on colposcopy of the cervix; their presence indicates early invasive cervical cancer. SYN: corkscrew vessels.
- vessels of internal ear [TA] blood vessels of the internal ear, consisting of the labyrinthine artery and its branches and the labyrinthine veins and their tributaries. SYN: vasa sanguinea auris internae [TA].
- lacteal v. SYN: lacteal (2).
- lymph vessels [TA] the vessels that convey the lymph; they anastomose freely with each other. SYN: lymphatic vessels [TA], absorbent vessels, lymphatics, vasa lymphatica.
- lymphatic vessels [TA] SYN: lymph vessels.
- nutrient v. SYN: nutrient artery.
- superficial lymph v. [TA] one of the lymphatic vessels that lie in the skin and subcutaneous tissues; they join the deep lymphatic vessels. SYN: vas lymphaticum superficiale [TA].
- vessels of vessels SYN: vasa vasorum, under vas.
- vitelline vessels See vitelline artery, vitelline vein.

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ves·sel 'ves-əl n a tube or canal (as an artery, vein, or lymphatic) in which a body fluid (as blood or lymph) is contained and conveyed or circulated

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a tube conveying a body fluid, especially a blood vessel or a lymphatic vessel.

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ves·sel (vesґəl) any channel for carrying a fluid, such as the blood or lymph; see also vas.

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