che·mo·ster·il·ant .kē-mō-'ster-ə-ləntalso .kem-ō- n a substance that produces irreversible sterility (as of an insect) without marked alteration of mating habits or life expectancy
che·mo·ster·il·iza·tion or Brit che·mo·ster·il·isa·tion -.ster-ə-lə-'zā-shən n
che·mo·ster·il·ize or Brit che·mo·ster·il·ise -'ster-ə-.līz vb, -ized or Brit -ised; -iz·ing or Brit -is·ing

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che·mo·ster·il·ant (ke″mo-sterґĭ-lənt) a chemical compound the ingestion of which causes sterility of an organism; such compounds have been used as a means of controlling various insects and other pests by inducing sterility in the male.

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