: The mucus material from the lungs that a person coughs up.
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1. Expectorated matter, especially mucus or mucopurulent matter expectorated in diseases of the air passages. SEE ALSO: expectoration (1). 2. An individual mass of such matter. [L. s., fr. spuo, pp. sputus, to spit]
- s. aerogenosum a green expectoration seen occasionally in jaundice, due to staining of the s. by bile pigments. SYN: green s..
- globular s. SYN: nummular s..
- green s. SYN: s. aerogenosum.
- nummular s. a thick, coherent mass expectorated in globular shape which does not run at the bottom of the cup but forms a discoid mass resembling a coin. SYN: globular s..
- prune-juice s. a thin reddish expectoration, characteristic of necrosis of lung tissue, usually by infection; due to hemorrhage caused by destruction of the lung parenchyma; sometimes seen with lung tumors. SYN: prune-juice expectoration.
- rusty s. a reddish brown, blood-stained expectoration characteristic of lobar pneumonococcal pneumonia.

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spu·tum 'sp(y)üt-əm n, pl spu·ta the matter discharged from the air passages in diseases of the lungs, bronchi, or upper respiratory tract that contains mucus and often pus, blood, fibrin, or bacterial products

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material coughed up from the respiratory tract. Its characteristics, including colour, consistency, volume, smell, and the appearance of any solid material within it, often provide important information affecting the diagnosis and management of respiratory disease. Pathological examination of sputum for microorganisms and for abnormal cells may add further information.

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spu·tum (spuґtəm) [L.] matter ejected from the respiratory tract through the mouth. Called also expectoration.

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