A person with a new combination of genes, a combination of genes not present in either parent, due to parental recombination of those genes.
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1. A cell or organism that has received genes from different parental strains. 2. Pertaining to or denoting such organisms. 3. In linkage analysis, the change of coupling phase at two loci during meiosis. If two syntenic, nonallelic genes are inherited from the same parent, they must be in coupling. An offspring that inherits only one of them is r. and indicates an odd number of cross-overs between the loci; an offspring that inherits neither or both is nonrecombinant and may indicate an even number of cross-overs or none.

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re·com·bi·nant (')rē-'käm-bə-nənt adj
1) relating to or exhibiting genetic recombination <\recombinant progeny>
2 a) relating to or containing genetically engineered DNA
b) produced by genetic engineering <\recombinant bovine growth hormone>
recombinant n an individual exhibiting recombination

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re·com·bi·nant (re-komґbĭ-nənt) 1. the new entity (e.g., gene, protein, cell, individual) that results from genetic recombination. 2. pertaining or relating to such an entity. See also under DNA.

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