The passage of an abnormally large amount of urine. Someone with polyuria passes too much urine and so may have frequency, the need to urinate frequently. Polyuria is a "classic textbook" sign of diabetes mellitus that is under poor control or not yet under treatment. However, polyuria occurs in some other conditions such as: {{}}Nephrogenic diabetes insipidus — a genetic disease Polycystic kidney disease — another genetic disease Sickle cell disease Pyelonephritis — infection of kidneys Amyloidosis — deposits of a substance called amyloid in the kidney Sjogren syndrome, and Myeloma. Certain drugs such as the antidepressant lithium and the antibiotic Declomycin (demeclocycline) can also affect the kidney adversely and lead to polyuria.
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Excessive excretion of urine resulting in profuse and frequent micturition. [poly- + G. ouron, urine]

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poly·uria .päl-ē-'yu̇r-ē-ə n excessive secretion of urine

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the production of large volumes of urine, which is dilute and of a pale colour. The phenomenon may be due simply to excessive liquid intake or to disease, particularly diabetes mellitus, diabetes insipidus, and kidney disorders.

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poly·uria (pol″e-uґre-ə) [poly- + -uria] the passage of a large volume of urine in a given period, as in diabetes mellitus. Cf. diuresis.

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