The nostrils. The word "nares" is straight out of Latin (still another reason why you should have taken Latin in school or, if you did, should have studied harder).
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nonallergic rhinitis-eosinophilia syndrome

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na·res 'na(ə)r-(.)ēz, 'ne(ə)r- n pl the pair of openings of the nose

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pl. n. (sing. naris)
openings of the nose. The two external (or anterior) nares are the nostrils, leading from the nasal cavity to the outside. The two internal (or posterior) nares (choanae) are the openings leading from the nasal cavity into the pharynx.

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na·res (naґrēz) sing. naґris [L.] [TA] the external orifices of the nose; called also nostrils.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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