1. Abbreviation for volt; initial rate velocity; velocity; vel [L. or]. 2. As a subscript, refers to venous blood.
As a subscript, refers to mixed venous (pulmonary arterial) blood.
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in cardiography, unipolar chest lead; coefficient of variation; electrical potential [in volts]; in electroencephalography, vertex sharp transient; roman numeral five; a logical binary relation that is true if any argument is true, and false otherwise; luminous efficiency; potential; potential energy [joules]; vaccinated, vaccine; vagina; valine; valve; vanadium; variable, variation; varnish; vector; vegetarian; vein [Lat. vena]; velocity; venom, venomous; venous; venous tumor invasion; ventilation; ventricle; ventricular [fibrillation]; verbal comprehension [factor]; vertebra; vertex; vestibular; Vibrio; vincristine; violet; viral [antigen]; virion; virulence; virus; vision; visual acuity; voice; volt; voltage; volume; vomiting

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V abbr volt
V symbol vanadium

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valine; vanadium; visual acuity; volt; volume.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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