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tri·glyc·er·ide (')trī-'glis-ə-.rīd n any of a group of lipids that are esters formed from one molecule of glycerol and three molecules of one or more fatty acids, are widespread in adipose tissue, and commonly circulate in the blood in the form of lipoproteins called also neutral fat

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a lipid or neutral fat consisting of glycerol combined with three fatty-acid molecules. Triglycerides are synthesized from the products of digestion of dietary fat: they are the form in which fat is stored in the body. High concentrations of triglycerides in the blood, in the form of lipoproteins, predisposes to coronary heart disease.

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tri·glyc·er·ide (tri-glisґər-īd) a compound consisting of three molecules of fatty acid esterified to glycerol; it is a neutral fat synthesized from carbohydrates for storage in animal adipose cells. On enzymatic hydrolysis, it releases free fatty acids in the blood.

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