1. Name given to vitamin E by its discoverer, but now a generic term for vitamin E and compounds chemically related to it, with or without biological activity; similar in chemical structure and properties to vitamins K and coenzyme Q. 2. A methylated tocol or methylated tocotrienol.
- mixed tocopherols concentrate a source of vitamin E, obtained by vacuum distillation of edible vegetable oils or their by-products.

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to·coph·er·ol tō-'käf-ə-.rȯl, -.rōl n any of several fat-soluble oily phenolic compounds with varying degrees of antioxidant vitamin E activity esp ALPHA-TOCOPHEROL

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to·coph·er·ol (to-kofґər-ol) [toco- + Gr. pherein to carry + -ol] any of a series of structurally similar compounds, methyl-substituted tocols, some of which have biological vitamin E activity.

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