A heat-labile and water-soluble vitamin contained in milk, yeast, and in the germ and husk of grains; also artificially synthesized; essential for growth; a deficiency of t. is associated with beriberi and Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome. SYN: aneurine, antiberiberi factor, antiberiberi vitamin, antineuritic factor, antineuritic vitamin, thiamine, vitamin B1. [thia- + vitamin]
- t. hydrochloride a coenzyme used in the prevention of beriberi and other conditions associated with a deficiency of t. in the diet. SYN: aneurine hydrochloride.
- t. mononitrate same action as t. hydrochloride.
- t. pyridinylase an enzyme catalyzing transfer of a pyridine or other bases into the position of the pyrimidine in t.; e.g., t. reacting with pyridine produces heteropyrithiamin and 4-methyl-5-(2′-hydroxyethyl)thiazole. SYN: pyrimidine transferase, thiaminase I.
- t. pyrophosphate (TPP) the diphosphoric ester of t., a coenzyme of several (de)carboxylases, transketolases, and α-oxoacid dehydrogenases. SYN: aneurine pyrophosphate, cocarboxylase, diphosphothiamin.

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thi·a·min (thiґə-min) thiamine.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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