SYN: medical diathermy.

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ther·mo·pen·e·tra·tion (thur″mo-pen″ə-traґshən) medical diathermy.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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  • Diathermy — The use of heat to destroy abnormal cells. Also called cauterization or electrodiathermy. * * * Local elevation of temperature within the tissues, produced by high frequency current, ultrasonic waves, or microwave radiation. SYN: transthermia. [G …   Medical dictionary

  • diathermie — [ djatɛrmi ] n. f. • 1922; all. Diathermie;cf. dia et thermie ♦ Méd. Méthode thérapeutique qui utilise des courants électriques alternatifs de haute fréquence pour échauffer les tissus (diathermie médicale) ou pour les détruire (diathermie… …   Encyclopédie Universelle

  • medical diathermy — application of currents of low tension and high amperage, which produce warmth in the deeper parts of the body; used particularly to promote muscle relaxation and to treat joint disorders including contractures. Called also thermopenetration …   Medical dictionary

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