The final stage of mitosis or meiosis that begins when migration of chromosomes to the poles of the cell has been completed; the chromosomes progressively lengthen while the nuclear membranes of the two daughter nuclei are reconstructed and a cell membrane at the equator complete the separation of the two daughter cells. SYN: telokinesia. [G. telos, end, + phasis, appearance]

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telo·phase 'tel-ə-.fāz, 'tēl- n
1) the final stage of mitosis and of the second division of meiosis in which the spindle disappears and the nucleus reforms around each set of chromosomes
2) the final stage in the first division of meiosis that may be missing in some organisms and that is characterized by the gathering at opposite poles of the cell of half the original number of chromosomes including one from each homologous pair

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the final stage of mitosis and of each of the divisions of meiosis, in which the chromosomes at each end of the cell become long and thin and the nuclear membrane reforms around them. The cytoplasm begins to divide.

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telo·phase (telґo-fāz) [telo- + phase] the stage of cell division following metaphase, beginning when the daughter chromatids reach the poles; it is the final stage of mitosis and meiosis and immediately precedes cytokinesis. The chromatids separate from the kinetochore microtubules and the nuclear membrane reforms. In plant cells the new cell wall that separates the daughter cells begins to form during this stage.

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