A structure that covers or roofs over a part. [L. a covering, fr. tego, to cover]
- t. cruris old term for tegmentum mesencephali.
- t. mastoideum the lamina of bone roofing over the mastoid cells.
- t. tympani [TA] the roof of the middle ear, formed by the thinned anterior surface of the petrous portion of the temporal bone. Its anterior edge is inserted into the petrosquamous fissure so that it can be seen as a wedge of bone subdividing that fissure into a squamotympanic and a petrotympanic fissure. SYN: roof of tympanum.
- t. ventriculi quarti [TA] roof of fourth ventricle, formed in its upper part by the superior medullary velum stretching between the two brachia conjunctiva (superior cerebellar peduncles) and in its lower part by the inferior medullary velum composed of the choroid membrane and choroid plexus of the fourth ventricle. SYN: roof of fourth ventricle [TA].

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teg·men 'teg-mən n, pl teg·mi·na -mə-nə an anatomical layer or cover specif TEGMEN TYMPANI

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n. (pl. tegmina)
a structure that covers an organ or part of an organ. For example the tegmen tympani is the bony roof of the middle ear.

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teg·men (tegґmən) pl. tegґmina [L. “cover”] 1. a covering structure or roof.

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