The smallest of the three auditory ossicles; its base, or footpiece, fits into the vestibular (oval) window, while its head is articulated with the lenticular process of the long limb of the incus. SYN: stirrup. [Mod. L. stirrup]

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sta·pes 'stā-(.)pēz n, pl stapes or sta·pe·des stə-'pē-.dēz the innermost of the chain of three ossicles in the middle ear of a mammal having the form of a stirrup, a base occupying the oval window of the tympanum, and a head connected with the incus called also stirrup

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a stirrup-shaped bone in the middle ear that articulates with the incus and is attached to the membrane of the fenestra ovalis. See ossicle.

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sta·pes (staґpēz) gen. stapeґdis [L. “stirrup”] [TA] the innermost of the auditory ossicles, shaped somewhat like the stirrup used in horse riding; it articulates by its head with the incus, and its base is inserted into the oval window (fenestra vestibuli). Called also stirrup. See illustration at ossicula auditus, under ossiculum. stapedial adj

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