Lenses set in a frame that holds them in front of the eyes, used to correct errors of refraction or to protect the eyes. The parts of the s. are the lenses; the bridge between the lenses, resting on the nose; the rims or frames, encircling the lenses; the sides or temples that pass on either side of the head to the ears; the bows, the curved extremities of the temples; the shoulders, short bars attached to the rims or the lenses and jointed with the sides. SYN: eyeglasses, glasses (1). [L. specto, pp. -atus, to watch, observe]
- bifocal s. s. with bifocal lenses. See lens.
- clerical s. SYN: half-glass s..
- divers' s. strongly convex lenses for clear vision underwater.
- divided s. SYN: Franklin s..
- Franklin s. an early form of bifocal s. in which the lower half of the lens is for near vision, the upper half for distant vision. SYN: divided s..
- half-glass s. s., used for reading, in which the upper portion of the lenses are removed. SYN: clerical s., pantoscopic s., pulpit s..
- hemianopic s. s. with a prism or mirror to allow the person with homonymous hemianopia to see objects in the blind half field.
- lid crutch s. s. with little offsets of metal with smooth edges which engage above the upper eyelid and keep it raised above the pupil in cases of paralytic blepharoptosis. SYN: Masselon s..
- Masselon s. SYN: lid crutch s..
- orthoscopic s. convex lenses with base-in prisms for close work.
- pantoscopic s. SYN: half-glass s..
- photochromic s. s. with lenses that darken on exposure to ultraviolet light.
- protective s. s. which protect against ultraviolet or infrared rays or against mechanical injuries. SYN: safety s..
- pulpit s. SYN: half-glass s..
- safety s. SYN: protective s..
- stenopeic s., stenopaic s. 1. opaque disks with narrow slits in the center allowing only a minimum amount of light to enter; used as a protection against snow blindness; 2. s. having opaque disks with multiple perforations used to aid vision in incipient cataract and in discrete opacities of the cornea; occasionally used as a substitute for corrective lenses or sunglasses.
- telescopic s. magnifying s. obtained by using a convex objective lens and a concave eyepiece separated by the difference in their focal lengths.

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spec·ta·cles 'spek-ti-kəlz n pl GLASS (2b)

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spec·ta·cles (spekґtə-kəlz) glasses.

Medical dictionary. 2011.


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