A family of plants that includes the genus Solanum (nightshade) and some 84 other genera comprising 1,800 species, including belladonna, the tomato, and potato plants.

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So·la·na·ce·ae .sō-lə-'nā-sē-.ē n pl a large family of widely distributed often strongly scented herbs, shrubs, and trees (order Polemoniales) that include the tomato, potato, jimsonweed, and belladonna

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So·la·na·ceae (so″lə-naґse-e) a large family of widely distributed herbs, shrubs, and trees, having great economic importance, and including many poisonous and medicinal species. Atropa, Capsicum, Datura, Duboisia, Hyoscyamus, Nicotiana, Scopolia, and Solanum are important genera.

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