Inflammation of the mucous membrane of any sinus, especially of one of the paranasal sinuses. [sinus + G. -itis, inflammation]

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si·nus·itis .sī-n(y)ə-'sīt-əs n inflammation of a sinus of the skull

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inflammation of one or more of the mucous-membrane-lined air spaces in the facial bones that communicate with the nose (the paranasal sinuses). It is often associated with inflammation of the nasal lining (rhinitis) and may be acute or chronic (see rhinosinusitis). Symptoms may include pain, purulent discharge from the nose, nasal obstruction, and disturbances of the sense of smell. Many cases are self-limiting. Others require treatment with antibiotics, decongestants, or steroid nose drops. A few cases need surgery, such as sinus washouts, antrostomy, or functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS).

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si·nus·itis (si″nəs-iґtis) inflammation of a sinus, usually a paranasal sinus; it may be purulent or nonpurulent, acute or chronic. Types are named for the sinus involved.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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