Abbreviation of L. sinister, left; L. semis, half; second; as a subscript, denotes steady state.
Abbreviation for L. sine, without.
Symbol for selection coefficient; sedimentation coefficient.
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apparent power; in electrocardiography, a negative deflection that follows an R wave [wave]; entropy; exposure time; half [Lat. semis]; left [Lat. sinister]; mean dose per unit cumulated activity; the midpoint of the sella turcica [point]; sacral; saline; Salmonella; saturated; scanning [pacemaker]; Schistosoma; schizophrenia; scleral [tumor invasion]; second; section; sedimentation coefficient; sella [turcica]; semilente [insulin]; senile, senility; sensation; sensitivity; septum; serine; serum; serum marker; Shigella; siderocyte; siemens; sigmoid; signature [prescription]; silicate; slope; single; slow accelerator; small; smooth [colony]; soft [diet]; solid; soluble; solute; sone [unit]; space; spatial; specificity; spherical; Spirillum; spleen; spontaneous; standard normal deviation; Staphylococcus; stem [cell]; stimulus; Streptococcus; streptomycin; subject; subjective findings; substrate; sulfur; sum of an arithmetic series; supravergence; surface; surgery; suture; Svedberg [unit]; swine; Swiss [mouse]; synthesis; systole; without [Lat. sine]

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1) sacral used esp. with a number from 1 to 5 to indicate a vertebra or segment of the spinal cord in the sacral region <the relative length of cord segments S1 to S5>
2) signa used to introduce the signature in writing a prescription
3) smooth used of bacterial colonies
4) subject
5) svedberg
S symbol sulfur

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spherical lens; serine; siemens; smooth (see under colony); substrate; sulfur; Svedberg unit; sacral vertebrae (S1 through S5).

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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