An added sound with a musical pitch occurring during inspiration or expiration, heard on auscultation of the chest and caused by air passing through bronchi that are narrowed by inflammation, spasm of smooth muscle, or presence of mucus in the lumen; if low-pitched, it is called sonorous r.; if high-pitched, with a whistling or squeaky quality, sibilant r.. [L. fr. G. rhenchos, a snoring]
- cavernous r. SYN: cavernous rale.

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rhon·chus 'räŋ-kəs n, pl rhon·chi 'räŋ-.kī a whistling or snoring sound heard on auscultation of the chest when the air channels are partly obstructed compare RALE, RATTLE (2)

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n. (pl. rhonchi)
an abnormal musical noise produced by air passing through narrowed bronchi. It is heard through a stethoscope, usually when the patient breathes out.

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rhon·chus (rongґkəs) pl. rhonґchi [L., from Gr. rhonchos a snoring sound] a continuous sound (q.v.) consisting of a dry, low-pitched, snorelike noise, produced in the throat or bronchial tube due to a partial obstruction such as by secretions. Sometimes called sonorous r. (q.v.). rhonchal, rhonchial adj

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