A genus of itch or mange mites (family Cheyletidae), including the species P. cuniculi (the scab mite of rabbits), P. equi (the mange or body mite of horses), and P. ovis (the common scab mite of sheep and cattle). [G. psora, itch]

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Pso·rop·tes sə-'räp-(.)tēz n a genus (the type of the family Psoroptidae) of mites having piercing mandibles and suckers with jointed pedicels, living on and irritating the skin of various mammals, and resulting in the development of inflammatory skin diseases (as mange)

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Pso·rop·tes (sə-ropґtēz) a genus of mites of the family Psoroptidae, the cause of psoroptic mange (q.v.). P. cuniґculi infests the ears of rabbits and goats; P. eґqui infests horses; and P. oґvis (called also P. boґvis) causes sheep scab in sheep and scabies in cattle and horses.

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