In anatomy, tissues or parts that project beyond a surface. SYN: prominentia [TA]. [L. prominentia]
- Ammon p. an external p. in the posterior pole of the eyeball during early embryogenesis.
- canine p. SYN: canine eminence.
- cardiac p. the conspicuous external bulge appearing on the ventral aspect of the human embryo as early as at the fourth week, indicative of the precocious development of the heart.
- p. of facial canal [TA] the p. on the medial wall of the tympanic cavity above the vestibular (oval) window produced by the presence of the facial canal. SYN: prominentia canalis facialis [TA].
- forebrain p. SYN: frontonasal p..
- frontonasal p. the unpaired embryonic p. formed by the tissues surrounding the forebrain vesicle. SYN: forebrain eminence, forebrain p., frontonasal process.
- hepatic p. the conspicuous external bulge appearing dorsocaudal to the cardiac p. on the body of the human embryo at about the fourth week, indicating the precocious development of the liver.
- hypothenar p. SYN: hypothenar eminence.
- laryngeal p. [TA] the projection on the anterior portion of the neck formed by the thyroid cartilage of the larynx; serves as an external indication of the level of the fifth cervical vertebra. SYN: prominentia laryngea [TA], Adam's apple, protuberantia laryngea, thyroid eminence.
- lateral nasal p. an ectodermally covered mesenchymal swelling separating the embryonic olfactory pit from the developing eye; the ala of the nose develops from it. SYN: lateral nasal fold, lateral nasal process.
- p. of lateral semicircular canal [TA] the slight bulge in the medial wall of the epitympanic recess caused by the proximity of the lateral semicircular canal. SYN: prominentia canalis semicircularis lateralis [TA].
- mallear p. [TA] a small p. at the upper end of the stria mallearis produced by the lateral process of the malleus. SYN: prominentia mallearis [TA].
- medial nasal p. an ectodermally covered mesenchymal swelling lying medial to the olfactory placode or pit in the embryo; the nasal tip and philtrum of the lip develop from it. SYN: medial nasal fold, medial nasal process.
- spiral p. of cochlear duct [TA] a projecting portion of the spiral ligament of the cochlea, bounding the lower edge of the stria vascularis and containing within it a blood vessel, the vas prominens. SYN: prominentia spiralis ductus cochlearis [TA].
- styloid p. [TA] a rounded eminence on the posterior (mastoid) wall of the tympanic cavity corresponding to the base of the styloid process. SYN: prominentia styloidea [TA].
- thenar p. SYN: thenar eminence.
- tubal p. SYN: torus tubarius.
- p. of venous valvular sinus a slight eminence on the external wall of a vein correlating with the valvular sinus immediately proximal to the leaflets of the venous valve. SYN: agger valvae venae.

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prom·i·nence 'präm(-ə)-nən(t)s n an elevation or projection on an anatomical structure (as a bone)

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(in anatomy) a projection, such as a projection on a bone.

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prom·i·nence (promґĭ-nəns) a protrusion or projection; for names of specific anatomical structures, see under prominentia.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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