1. Abbreviation for pupil; optic papilla. 2. In polynucleotide symbolism, phosphoric ester or phosphate. 3. Symbol for pico- (2); the negative decadic logarathm; proton; protein; momentum (in italics). 4. In cytogenetics, symbol for the short arm of a chromosome. [fr. Fr. petit, small]
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an electrocardiographic wave corresponding to a wave of depolarization crossing the atria; by weight [Lat. pondere]; father [Lat. pater]; near [Lat. proximum]; near point [Lat. punctum proximum]; pain; parietal electrode placement in electroencephalography; parity; part; partial pressure; Pasteurella; paternal; patient; penicillin; penta- [1015]; percent; percussion; perforation; permeability; peta-; pharmacopeia; phenophthalein; phenylalanine; phosphate group; phosphorus; physiology; pig; pint; placebo; plan; plasma; Plasmodium; Pneumocystis; point; poise; poison, poisoning; polarity; polarization; pole; polymyxin; pons; population; porcelain; porcine; porphyrin; position; positive; posterior; postpartum; power; precipitin; precursor; prednisone; premolar; presbyopia; pressure; primary; primipara; probability; product; progesterone; prolactin; proline; promoter; properdin; propionate; protein; Proteus; proximal; Pseudomonas; psychiatry; pulmonary; pulse; pupil; radiant power; significance probability [value]; simple programmable [pacemaker]; sound power; weight [Lat. pondus]

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1) parental
2) part
3) percentile
4) pharmacopoeia
5) pint
6) pole
7) population
8) position
9) positive
10) posterior
11) pressure
12) pulse
13) pupil
P symbol phosphorus

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para; peta-; phosphate (group); phosphorus; poise; posterior; premolar; proline; pupil.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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