An enzyme (EC class 1) catalyzing an oxidation-reduction reaction. Trivial names for oxidoreductases include dehydrogenase, reductase, oxidase (where O2 is the H acceptor), oxygenase (where O2 is incorporated into the substrate), peroxidase (H2O2 is the acceptor; catalase is an exception), and hydroxylase (coupled oxidation of two donors). SEE ALSO: oxidase.

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ox·i·do·re·duc·tase 'äk-səd-ō-ri-'dək-.tās, -.tāz n an enzyme that catalyzes an oxidation-reduction reaction

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one of a group of enzymes that catalyse oxidation-reduction reactions. This class includes the enzymes formerly known either as dehydrogenases or as oxidases.

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ox·i·do·re·duc·tase (ok″sĭ-do-re-dukґtās) [EC 1] any member of a class of enzymes that catalyze the reversible transfer of electrons from a substrate that becomes oxidized (hydrogen or electron donor) to a substrate that becomes reduced (hydrogen or electron acceptor). The class includes dehydrogenases, hydroxylases, oxidases, oxygenases, peroxidases, and reductases.

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