Malformation characterized by markedly defective development of the lower jaw (micrognathia or agnathia) and the union or close approach of the ears (synotia) on the front of the neck. [oto- + G. kephale, head]

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oto·ceph·a·ly .ōt-ə-'sef-ə-lē n, pl -lies congenital malformation of the head characterized in severe cases by cyclopia, absence of a lower jaw, and joining of the ears below the face
oto·ce·phal·ic -si-'fal-ik adj

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oto·ceph·a·ly (o″to-sefґə-le) [oto- + -cephaly] a congenital anomaly characterized by lack of a lower jaw and by ears that are united inferior to the face.

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