1. An indentation at the edge of any structure. 2. Any short, narrow, V-shaped deviation, whether positive or negative, in a linear tracing. SYN: incisura [TA], emargination, incisure.
- acetabular n. [TA] a gap in the inferior the margin of the acetabulum. SYN: incisura acetabuli [TA], cotyloid n..
- angular n. SYN: angular incisure.
- antegonial n. the highest point of the n. or concavity of the lower border of the ramus where it joins the body of the mandible.
- anterior n. of auricle [TA] a n. between the supratragic tubercle and the crus of the helix. SYN: anterior auricular groove, anterior n. of ear, auricular n. (1), incisura anterior auris, sulcus auriculae anterior.
- anterior cerebellar n. a wide, shallow n. on the anterior surface of the cerebellum occupied laterally by the superior cerebellar peduncles and the inferior quadrigeminal bodies medially. SYN: anterior n. of cerebellum, incisura cerebelli anterior, semilunar n. (1).
- anterior n. of ear SYN: anterior n. of auricle.
- aortic n. the n. in a sphygmographic tracing caused by rebound following closure of the aortic valves.
- n. of apex of heart SYN: n. of cardiac apex.
- auricular n. 1. SYN: anterior n. of auricle. 2. SYN: terminal n. of auricle.
- cardiac n. SYN: cardial n..
- n. of cardiac apex [TA] a slight n. near the apex of the heart where the anterior interventricular sulcus reaches the diaphragmatic surface of the heart. SYN: incisura apicis cordis [TA], n. of apex of heart.
- cardiac n. of left lung [TA] the n. in the anterior border of the superior lobe of the left lung that accommodates the pericardium. SYN: incisura cardiaca pulmonis sinistri [TA].
- cardial n. [TA] a deep n. between the esophagus and fundus of the stomach. SYN: cardiac n., incisura cardiaca.
- n. in cartilage of acoustic meatus [TA] (usually) two vertical fissures in the anterior portion of the cartilage of the external auditory meatus, filled by fibrous tissue. SYN: incisura cartilaginis meatus acustici [TA], Duverney fissures, incisura santorini, Santorini fissures, Santorini incisures.
- clavicular n. of sternum [TA] a hollow on either side of the upper surface of the manubrium sterni that articulates with the clavicle. SYN: incisura clavicularis [TA], clavicular facet.
- costal notches [TA] notches or facets on the lateral edge of the sternum for articulation with a costal cartilage. SYN: incisurae costales [TA].
- cotyloid n. SYN: acetabular n..
- dicrotic n. (di-krot-ik) the acute drop followed by a rise in arterial pressure pulse curves following the systolic peak, corresponding to the incisura of the displacement pulse curve.
- digastric n. SYN: mastoid n..
- ethmoidal n. [TA] an oblong gap between the orbital parts of the frontal bone in which the ethmoid bone is lodged. SYN: incisura ethmoidalis [TA].
- fibular n. [TA] a hollow on the lateral surface of the lower end of the tibia in which the fibula is lodged. SYN: incisura fibularis [TA].
- frontal n. [TA] a small n., sometimes a foramen, on the orbital margin of the frontal bone medial to the supraorbital n.. SYN: incisura frontalis [TA].
- greater sciatic n. [TA] the deep indentation in the posterior border of the hip bone at the point of union of the ilium and ischium. SYN: incisura ischiadica major [TA], iliosciatic n., sacrosciatic n..
- hamular n. SYN: groove of pterygoid hamulus.
- iliosciatic n. SYN: greater sciatic n..
- inferior thyroid n. [TA] a shallow n. in the middle of the lower border of the thyroid cartilage. SYN: incisura thyroidea inferior [TA].
- interarytenoid n. [TA] the indentation of posterior portion of the aditus laryngeal inlet between the two arytenoid cartilages. SYN: incisura interarytenoidea [TA].
- intercondyloid n. SYN: intercondylar fossa.
- intertragic n. [TA] the deep n. in the lower part of the auricle between the tragus and antitragus. SYN: incisura intertragica [TA], incisura tragica.
- ischiatic n. greater sciatic n., lesser sciatic n..
- jugular n. of occipital bone [TA] the n. in the occipital bone that forms one boundary of the jugular foramen. SYN: incisura jugularis ossis occipitalis [TA].
- jugular n. of petrous part of temporal bone [TA] the n. in the petrous part of the temporal bone that forms one boundary of the jugular foramen. SYN: incisura jugularis ossis temporalis [TA].
- jugular n. of sternum [TA] the large n. in the superior margin of the sternum. SYN: incisura jugularis sternalis [TA], suprasternal n., interclavicular n., presternal n., sternal n..
- Kernohan n. a n. in the cerebral peduncle caused by displacement of the brainstem against the incisura of the tentorium by a transtentorial herniation.
- lacrimal n. [TA] the n. on the frontal process of the maxilla into which the lacrimal bone fits. SYN: incisura lacrimalis [TA].
- lesser sciatic n. [TA] the n. in the posterior border of the ischium below the ischial spine. SYN: incisura ischiadica minor [TA].
- n. for ligamentum teres [TA] the n. in the inferior border of the liver that accommodates the round ligament. SYN: incisura ligamenti teretis hepatis [TA], incisura umbilicalis, n. for round ligament of liver, umbilical n..
- mandibular n. [TA] the deep n. between the condylar and coronoid processes of the mandible. SYN: incisura mandibulae [TA], sigmoid n..
- mastoid n. [TA] the groove medial to the mastoid process of the temporal bone from which the digastric muscle originates. SYN: incisura mastoidea [TA], digastric groove, digastric n., mastoid groove.
- nasal n. [TA] the n. in the medial border of the maxilla anteriorly that, with its fellow, forms most of the piriform opening of the nasal cavity. SYN: incisura nasalis [TA].
- pancreatic n. [TA] a n. separating the uncinate process of the head of the pancreas from the neck. SYN: incisura pancreatis [TA].
- parietal n. [TA] the angle posteriorly between the squamous and petrous parts of the temporal bone. SYN: incisura parietalis [TA].
- parotid n. the space between the ramus of the mandible and the mastoid process of the temporal bone.
- popliteal n. SYN: intercondylar fossa.
- posterior cerebellar n. a narrow n. between the cerebellar hemispheres posteriorly, occupied by the falx cerebelli. SYN: incisura cerebelli posterior, marsupial n., posterior n. of cerebellum.
- preoccipital n. [TA] an indentation in the ventrolateral border of the temporal lobe of the cerebral hemisphere. SYN: incisura preoccipitalis [TA].
- presternal n. SYN: jugular n. of sternum.
- pterygoid n. [TA] the cleft between the medial and lateral plates of the pterygoid process of the sphenoid into which the pyramidal process of the palatine bone is fitted. SYN: fissura pterygoidea, incisura pterygoidea, pterygoid fissure.
- pterygomaxillary n. SYN: groove of pterygoid hamulus.
- radial n. [TA] the concavity on the lateral aspect of the coronoid process of the ulna that articulates with the head of the radius. SYN: incisura radialis [TA].
- Rivinus n. SYN: tympanic n..
- n. for round ligament of liver SYN: n. for ligamentum teres.
- sacrosciatic n. SYN: greater sciatic n..
- scapular n. SYN: suprascapular n..
- semilunar n. 1. SYN: anterior cerebellar n.. 2. SYN: trochlear n..
- sigmoid n. SYN: mandibular n..
- sphenopalatine n. [TA] the deep n. between the orbital and sphenoidal processes of the palatine bone that is converted into the foramen of the same name by the undersurface of the sphenoid bone. SYN: incisura sphenopalatina [TA].
- sternal n. SYN: jugular n. of sternum.
- superior thyroid n. [TA] a deep n. in the middle of the upper border of the thyroid cartilage. SYN: incisura thyroidea superior [TA].
- supraorbital n. [TA] a groove in the orbital margin of the frontal bone, about the junction of the medial and intermediate thirds, through which pass the supraorbital nerve and artery. SEE ALSO: supraorbital foramen. SYN: incisura supraorbitalis [TA].
- suprascapular n. a n. on the superior border of the scapula through which the suprascapular nerve passes. SYN: incisura scapulae, scapular n..
- tentorial n. [TA] the triangular opening in the tentorium cerebelli through which the brainstem extends from the posterior into the middle cranial fossa. SYN: incisura tentorii [TA], incisura of tentorium, n. of tentorium.
- n. of tentorium SYN: tentorial n..
- terminal n. of auricle [TA] a deep n. separating the lamina tragi and cartilage of the external auditory meatus from the main auricular cartilage, the two being connected below by the isthmus. SYN: incisura terminalis auricularis [TA], auricular n. (2), incisura terminalis auris.
- trochlear n. [TA] the large semicircular n. at the proximal extremity of the ulna between the olecranon and coronoid processes that articulates with the trochlea of the humerus. SYN: incisura trochlearis [TA], incisura semilunaris ulnae, semilunar n. (2).
- tympanic n. [TA] the n. in the superior part of the tympanic ring bridged by the flaccid part of the tympanic membrane. SYN: incisura tympanica [TA], incisura rivini, Rivinus incisure, Rivinus n., tympanic incisure.
- ulnar n. [TA] the concave surface on the medial side of the distal end of the radius that articulates with the head of the ulna. SYN: incisura ulnaris [TA].
- umbilical n. SYN: n. for ligamentum teres.
- vertebral n. [TA] one of the two concavities above (superior) and below (inferior) the pedicle of a vertebra; the notches of two adjacent vertebrae (plus the intervertebral disc) form an intervertebral foramen. SYN: incisura vertebralis [TA], intervertebral n..

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notch 'näch n a V-shaped indentation (as on a bone) see ACETABULAR NOTCH, SCIATIC NOTCH, VERTEBRAL NOTCH
notched 'nächt adj

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(in anatomy) an indentation, especially one in a bone.

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(noch) an indentation or depression, especially one on the edge of a bone or other organ. See also incisura.

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