An explosive yellowish oily fluid formed by the action of sulfuric and nitric acid s on glycerin; used as a vasodilator, especially in angina pectoris; generates nitric oxide. SYN: glyceryl trinitrate, trinitroglycerin.

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ni·tro·glyc·er·in or ni·tro·glyc·er·ine .nī-trə-'glis-(ə-)rən n a heavy oily explosive poisonous liquid C3H5N3O9 used chiefly in making dynamites and in medicine as a vasodilator (as in angina pectoris) called also trinitrin, trinitroglycerin see NITRO-DUR, NITROSTAT

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ni·tro·glyc·er·in (ni″tro-glisґər-in) a colorless to yellow liquid formed by the action of nitric and sulfuric acids on glycerin. It explodes on concussion, but is safe if diluted with inert excipients. Exposure to excessive amounts causes headache, blurred vision, vomiting, hypotension, and syncope, and possibly cyanosis and methemoglobinemia. Prolonged exposure causes tolerance, and abrupt discontinuation can cause withdrawal symptoms. [USP] a pharmaceutical preparation of nitroglycerin, diluted with lactose, dextrose, alcohol, propylene glycol, or other excipient for safety and officially called diluted nitroglycerin; it has antianginal, antihypertensive, and vasodilator properties and is used in medicine for the prophylaxis and treatment of angina pectoris, the treatment of congestive heart failure, as an adjunct in the treatment of myocardial infarction, and for blood pressure control or controlled hypotension during surgery. Administered by absorption through the oral mucous membranes, orally, intravenously, topically, or with a transdermal patch.

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