A common name for any roundworm of the phylum Nematoda.

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nem·a·tode 'nem-ə-.tōd adj of or relating to the phylum Nematoda
nematode n any worm of the phylum Nematoda

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any one of a large group of worms having an unsegmented cylindrical body, tapering at both ends. This distinguishes nematodes from other helminth. Nematodes occur either as free-living forms in the sea, fresh water, and soil or as parasites of plants, animals, and humans. hookworm and threadworm infest the alimentary canal. filaria are found in the lymphatic tissues. The guinea worm and Onchocerca affect connective tissue. Some nematodes (e.g. threadworms) are transmitted from host to host by the ingestion of eggs; others (e.g. Wuchereria) by the bite of a bloodsucking insect.

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nem·a·tode (nemґə-tōd) any member of the class Nematoda; called also roundworm or round worm and eelworm or eel worm.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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