Symbol for normal concentration. See normal (3).
1. The number in a scientific study. Sample size. 2. Symbol for refractive index.
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asparagine; Avogadro number; blood factor in the MNS blood group system; loudness; nasal; nasion; nausea; negative; neomycin; neper; nerve; neuraminidase; neurology; neuropathy; neutron number; newton; nicotinamide; nifedipine; nitrogen; nodule; normal [solution]; nucleocapsid; nucleoprotein; nucleoside; nucleus; number; number in sample; number of molecules; number of neutrons in an atomic nucleus; population size; radiance; refractive index; signal size; spin density

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1) nasal
2) newton
3) usu ital normal (sense 4a) used of solutions <0.1 N hydrochloric acid>
1) nitrogen usu. italicized when used as a prefix <N-allylnormorphine>
2) index of refraction

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newton; nitrogen; normal (solution), used with a number designating the strength of the solution relative to the normal, e.g., N/2 or 0.5 N for half-normal.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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