Surgical procedures performed under the magnification of a surgical microscope.

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mi·cro·sur·gery .mī-krō-'sərj-(ə-)rē n, pl -ger·ies minute dissection or manipulation (as by a micromanipulator or laser beam) of living structures (as cells or tissues) for surgical or experimental purposes
mi·cro·sur·gi·cal -'sər-ji-kəl adj
mi·cro·sur·gi·cal·ly -ji-k(ə-)lē adv

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the branch of surgery in which extremely intricate operations are performed through highly refined operating microscope using miniaturized precision instruments (forceps, scissors, needles, etc.). The technique enables surgery of previously inaccessible parts of the eye, inner ear, spinal cord, and brain (e.g. for the removal of tumours and repair of cerebral aneurysms), as well as the reattachment of amputated fingers (necessitating the suturing of minute nerves and blood vessels) and the reversal of vasectomies.

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mi·cro·sur·gery (miґkro-sur″jər-e) dissection of minute structures under the microscope by means of instruments held in the hand, such as for the ear or larynx. microsurgical adj

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