methylbenzethonium chloride

methylbenzethonium chloride
A quaternary ammonium compound having a surface action like that of other cationic detergents; generally germicidal and bacteriostatic; used to rinse infant diapers and bed linen in the prevention of ammonia dermatitis.

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meth·yl·ben·ze·tho·ni·um chloride .meth-əl-.ben-zə-.thō-nē-əm- n a quaternary ammonium salt C28H44ClNO2 used as a bactericide and antiseptic esp. in the treatment of diaper rash called also methylbenzethonium

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meth·yl·ben·ze·tho·ni·um chlo·ride (meth″əl-ben″zə-thoґne-əm) [USP] a disinfectant quaternary compound which is bacteriostatic for urea-splitting organisms that may cause ammonia dermatitis. It is applied topically to areas of the skin coming in contact with urine, feces, or perspiration, and is used in a rinse for diapers, bed linen, and undergarments of incontinent adults and children.

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