The presence of increased levels of macroglobulins in the circulating blood.
- Waldenström m. m. occurring in elderly persons, characterized by proliferation of cells resembling lymphocytes or plasma cells in the bone marrow, anemia, increased sedimentation rate, and hyperglobulinemia with a narrow peak in γ-globulin or β2-globulin at about 19 S units. The spleen, liver, or lymph node s are often enlarged and there is frequently purpura or mucosal bleeding. SYN: hyperglobulinemic purpura, Waldenström purpura, Waldenström syndrome.

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mac·ro·glob·u·lin·emia or chiefly Brit mac·ro·glob·u·lin·ae·mia -.gläb-yə-lə-'nē-mē-ə n a disorder characterized by increased blood serum viscosity and the presence of macroglobulins in the serum
mac·ro·glob·u·lin·emic or chiefly Brit mac·ro·glob·u·lin·ae·mic -mik adj

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mac·ro·glob·u·lin·emia (mak″ro-glob″u-lĭ-neґme-ə) [macroglobulin + -emia] a condition characterized by increased macroglobulins in the blood.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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