Symbol for moles per liter (also written M or M).
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blood factor in the MNS blood group system; chin [Lat. mentum]; concentration in moles per liter; death [Lat. mors]; dullness [of sound, Lat. mutitas]; macerate; macroglobulin; macroscopic magnetization vector; magnetization; magnification; male; malignant; married; masculine; mass; massage; maternal contribution; matrix; mature; maximum; mean; meatus; median; mediator; medical, medicine; medium; mega; megohm; membrane; memory; mental; mesial; metabolite; metanephrine; metastases; meter; methionine; methotrexate; Micrococcus; Microspora; minim; minute; mitochondria; mitosis; mix, mixed, mixture; mobility; molar [permanent tooth]; molar [solution]; molarity; mole; molecular; moment of force; monkey; monocyte; month; morgan; morphine; mother; motile; mouse; mucoid [colony]; mucous; multipara; murmur [cardiac]; muscle; muscular response to an electrical stimulation of its motor nerve [wave]; Mycobacterium; Mycoplasma; myeloma or macroglobulinemia [component]; myopia; strength of pole; thousand [Lat. mille]

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1) [Latin misce] mix used in writing prescriptions
2) mitosis see M PHASE
M 'em n, pl M's or Ms an antigen of human blood that shares a common genetic locus with the N antigen

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mega-; methionine; molar1 (used with a number designating the strength of the solution relative to one molar, e.g., M/2 or 0.5M for half-molar); molar2; morgan; mucoid (see under colony); myopia; the low frequency component of the first heart sound (see under sound).

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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