A genus of New World sandflies or bloodsucking midges (family Psychodidae) that serve as vectors of leishmaniasis and Oroyo fever; formerly combined with the Old World sandfly genus Phlebotomus.
- L. flaviscutellata a sandfly species that is a vector of Leishmania mexicana, the agent of chiclero ulcer. SYN: Phlebotomus flaviscutellatus.
- L. intermedius one of a group of sandfly species that are vectors of Leishmania braziliensis, the agent of espundia.
- L. longipalpis SYN: Phlebotomus longipalpis.
- L. peruensis a sandfly species that is a vector of Leishmania peruviana, the agent of uta.

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Lut·zo·my·ia (lt-zo-miґə) a genus of sandflies of the family Psychodidae, the females of which suck blood.

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