1. The yellow pigment in the corpus luteum, in the yolk of eggs, or any lipochrome. 2. SYN: xanthophyll. 3. The dried powdered corpora lutea of the hog, formerly used as a progesterone source. [L. luteus, saffron-yellow]

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lu·tein 'lüt-ē-ən, 'lü-.tēn n an orange xanthophyll C40H56O2 occurring in plants usu. with carotenes and chlorophylls and in animal fat, egg yolk, and the corpus luteum

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2. the yellow pigment of the corpus luteum.

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lu·te·in (looґte-in) [L. luteus yellow] 1. a yellow pigment, or lipochrome, from the corpus luteum, from fat cells, and from the yolk of eggs. It is closely related to xanthophyll. 2. any lipochrome.

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