A pituitary hormone mobilizing fat from adipose tissue. β-L. is a single-chain peptide of 91 amino acyl residues that contains the sequences of endorphins, metenkephalin, and β-melanotropin; γ-l. is shorter and is identical in sequence to the N-terminal 58 residues of β-l.; both contain sequences common to ACTH and β-melanotropin. SYN: lipid-mobilizing hormone, lipotropic hormone, lipotropic pituitary hormone.

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li·po·tro·pin .lip-ə-'trō-pən, .līp- n either of two protein hormones of the adenohypophysis of the pituitary gland that function in the mobilization of fat reserves esp BETA-LIPOTROPIN

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lip·o·tro·pin (lipґo-tro″pin) any of several prohormones that are derivatives of pro-opiomelanocortin and promote lipolysis; the most important one in humans is β-lipotropin. Formerly called lipotropic hormone.

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