A genus of microaerophilic to facultatively anaerobic bacteria (family Lactobacillaceae) containing Gram-positive, spherical cells which may, under certain conditions, lengthen and become pointed and even form rods. Lactic and acetic acid s are produced by these organisms. They are found in plant juices and in milk. The type species is L. mesenteroides. [G. leukos, white, + nostoc, a genus of algae (a word coined by Paracelsus)]
- L. mesenteroides a species found in fermenting vegetables and other plant materials and in prepared meat products; it is an active slime (dextran) producer, the dextran commonly used as a plasma expander; it is the type species of the genus L..

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leu·co·nos·toc .lü-kə-'näs-.täk n
1) cap a genus of gram-positive nonmotile coccal bacteria that do not form spores, usu. occur in pairs and chains, and are facultative anaerobes and that include several pests in sugar refineries that produce slime in sugar solutions
2) any bacterium of the genus Leuconostoc

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Leu·co·nos·toc (loo″ko-nosґtok) [leuko- + Nostoc a form-genus of cyanobacteria] a genus of nonpathogenic, gram-positive, saprophytic, facultative anaerobes of the family Leuconostocaceae. They are spherical but often lenticular, nonmotile cells, some species of which form dextran. The type species is L. mesenteroiґdes.

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