1. The ensheathing, enfolding, or insertion of a structure within itself or another. 2. The state of being invaginated. SEE ALSO: introversion, intussusception.
- basilar i. SYN: platybasia.

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in·vag·i·na·tion -.vaj-ə-'nā-shən n
1) an act or process of invaginating: as
a) the formation of a gastrula by an infolding of part of the wall of the blastula
b) intestinal intussusception
2) an invaginated part

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1. the infolding of the wall of a solid structure to form a cavity. This occurs in some stages of the development of embryos.

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in·vag·i·na·tion (in-vaj″ĭ-naґshən) [L. invaginatio, from in within + vagina sheath] 1. the state of being or the process of becoming invaginated. 2. in embryology, a process by which (a) one region of a hollow, single-walled, spherical blastula caves in to form and line a new cavity in the now cup-shaped, double-walled gastrula, or (b) an ever-deepening pit develops into a diverticulum or tube from the surface into the tissues below. 3. intussusception.

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