1. Introduction of a medicinal substance or nutrient material into the subcutaneous tissue (subcutaneous or hypodermic i.), the muscular tissue (intramuscular i.), a vein (intravenous i.), an artery (intraarterial i.), the rectum (rectal i. or enema), the vagina (vaginal i. or douche), the urethra, or other canals or cavities of the body. 2. An injectable pharmaceutical preparation. 3. Congestion or hyperemia. [L. injectio, a throwing in, fr. in-jicio, to throw in]
- adrenal cortex i. obsolete treatment involving the parenteral administration of extract of the adrenal cortex; formerly used in treatment of Addison disease.
- collagen i. correction of superficial soft tissue deformities, acne scars, or age-related skin changes by i. (implantation) of collagen; bovine collagen preparations are commonly used. Prior intradermal testing is necessary to exclude hypersensitivity. SYN: collagen implantation.
- depot i. an i. of a substance in a vehicle that tends to keep it at the site of i. so that absorption occurs over a prolonged period.
- hypodermic i. the administration of a remedy in liquid form by i. into the subcutaneous tissues. SYN: hypodermic (2).
- insulin i. a preparation that usually contains 100 USP insulin units per ml; it is administered subcutaneously, occasionally intravenously, and has a rapid onset of action, has a brief duration (5 to 7 hours), and is compatible for mixing with long-acting insulin preparations; used in the treatment of diabetic acidosis and insulin coma. SYN: regular insulin i..
- intracytoplasmic sperm i. a procedure in which a single sperm cell is injected into the oocyte during in vitro fertilization.
- intrathecal i. introduction of material for diffusion throughout the subarachnoid space by means of lumbar puncture.
- intraventricular i. the introduction of materials for diffusion throughout the ventricular and subarachnoid space by means of ventricular puncture.
- jet i. hypodermic i. of drugs by a jet injector.
- lactated Ringer i. a sterile solution of calcium chloride, potassium chloride, sodium chloride, and sodium lactate in water for i.; used intravenously as a systemic alkalizer and a fluid and electrolyte replenisher.
- regular insulin i. SYN: insulin i..
- Ringer i. a sterile solution of sodium chloride, potassium chloride, and calcium chloride, containing in each 100 ml between 820 and 900 mg of sodium chloride, between 25 and 35 mg of potassium chloride, and between 30 and 37 mg of calcium chloride; used intravenously as a fluid and electrolyte replenisher.
- selective i. i. of contrast medium following selective catheterization of a branch artery or vein for angiography.
- sensitizing i. an i. that sensitizes a person so that subsequent exposure to the antigen (allergen) evokes an allergic response.
- test i. intravenous i. of a few milliliters of radiographic contrast medium to screen for allergic or idiosyncratic responses.
- Z-tract i. a technique in which the skin and subcutaneous tissue are displaced laterally before inserting the needle intramuscularly; used to prevent leakage along the track of the needle and consequent tissue irritation.

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in·jec·tion in-'jek-shən n
1 a) the act or an instance of injecting a drug or other substance into the body
b) a solution (as of a drug) intended for injection (as by catheter or hypodermic syringe) either under or through the skin or into the tissues, a vein, or a body cavity
c) an act or process of injecting vessels or tissues also a specimen prepared by injection
2) the state of being injected: CONGESTION see CIRCUMCORNEAL INJECTION

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introduction into the body of drugs or other fluids by means of a syringe, usually drugs that would be destroyed by the digestive processes if taken by mouth. Common routes for injection are into the skin (intracutaneous or intradermal); below the skin (subcutaneous), e.g. for insulin; into a muscle (intramuscular), for drugs that are slowly absorbed; and into a vein (intravenous), for drugs to be rapidly absorbed. enema are also regarded as injections.

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in·jec·tion (in-jekґshən) [L. injectio, from inicere to throw into] 1. the act of forcing a liquid into a part, as into the subcutaneous tissues, the vascular tree, or an organ. Cf. infusion (def. 3). 2. a substance so forced or administered. Officially, in pharmacy, a solution of a medicament suitable for injection. See also under specific substances. 3. congestion.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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