Present in a community at all times but in relatively low frequency. Something that is endemic is typically restricted or peculiar to a locality or region. For example, malaria is endemic in some areas of Africa. And traffic in illicit drugs is endemic in some neighborhoods. By contrast, there are the related terms "epidemic" and "pandemic": {{}}An epidemic is a sudden severe outbreak within a region or a group, as with AIDS in Africa or AIDS in intravenous drug users. A pandemic occurs when an epidemic becomes very widespread and affects a whole region, a continent, or the entire world. The word "endemic" comes from the Greek "en-", "in" + "demos", "people or population" = "endemos" = "in the population." An endemic is in the people. By contrast, "epi-" means "upon." An epidemic is visited upon the people. And "pan-" means "all." A pandemic affects all the people.
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Denoting a temporal pattern of disease occurrence in a population in which the disease occurs with predictable regularity with only relatively minor fluctations in its frequency over time. Cf.:epidemic, sporadic. SYN: enzootic. [G. endemos, native, fr. en, in, + demos, the people]

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en·dem·ic en-'dem-ik, in- adj restricted or peculiar to a locality or region <\endemic diseases> <an \endemic species> compare EPIDEMIC (1), SPORADIC
en·dem·i·cal·ly -'dem-i-k(ə-)lē adv
endemic n
1) an endemic disease or an instance of its occurrence
2) an endemic organism

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occurring frequently in a particular region or population: applied to diseases that are generally or constantly found among people in a particular area. Compare ecdemic, epidemic, pandemic.

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en·dem·ic (en-demґik) [Gr. endēmos dwelling in a place] present or usually prevalent in a population or geographical area at all times; said of a disease or agent. Cf. epidemic. See also holoendemic and hyperendemic.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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