A condition in which the blood volume is increased as a result of an increase in the water content of plasma, with or without a reduction in the concentration of protein; there is an excess of plasma in proportion to the cellular elements and a corresponding decrease in hematocrit. SYN: dilution anemia, polyplasmia. [hydr- + G. haima, blood]

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hy·dre·mia or chiefly Brit hy·drae·mia hī-'drē-mē-ə n an abnormally watery state of the blood
hy·dre·mic or chiefly Brit hy·drae·mic -mik adj

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hy·dre·mia (hi-dreґme-ə) [hydr- + Gr. haima blood] excessive dilution of the blood, so that the proportion of serum to corpuscles is excessive; seen in splenomegaly and other conditions. Cf. hypo-osmolality. Called also dilution anemia.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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