See h. gland. [holo- + G. krino, to separate]

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ho·lo·crine 'hō-lə-krən, -.krīn, -.krēn, 'häl-ə- adj producing or being a secretion resulting from lysis of secretory cells <\holocrine glands> <\holocrine secretions> <\holocrine activity> compare APOCRINE, ECCRINE, MEROCRINE

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describing a gland or type of secretion in which the entire cell disintegrates when the product is released.

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holo·crine (hoґlo-krin) [holo- + Gr. krinein to separate] wholly secretory: denoting that type of glandular secretion in which the entire secreting cell, along with its accumulated secretion, forms the secreted matter of the gland, as in the sebaceous glands. Cf. merocrine and apocrine.

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